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February 28, 2012 - ,

Artigiancassa Key Woman: financing for women running small businesses

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The project’s aim is to identify the main difficulties faced by businesswomen in their professional activity and to find concrete solutions using specific products that help them manage their business.

Artigiancassa in cooperation with Confartigianato Donne Impresa and CNA Impresa Donna, making their experience and know-how available to women, have initiated a project aimed at supporting the development of women-run businesses.

The project involves offering a line of financial products, named Key Woman, developed to provide concrete solutions to the main difficulties faced by businesswomen as they attempt to reconcile business and family activities.

The products of the Key Woman line were conceived to help businesses run by women, especially when facing difficulties linked to pregnancy, childbirth, and bringing up children, or when illnesses and disabilities require family-based care and support; these responsibilities are almost always borne by businesswomen and can have a negative impact on their professional activities.

The Key Woman line includes four types of financing, two for the medium to long term and two for the short term. For the medium to long term, we make available the “Women entrepreneur” loan, which finances the purchase of start-up installations and equipment or the acquisition of small businesses, and the “Maternity” loan, which finances the acquisition of remote work stations and productivity enhancement equipment or the hiring of nannies and the payment of child care costs from birth to the age of seven. In the event of difficulties, both loans include the possibility of suspending the scheduled payments (principal and/or interest) for five to nine months.

The short term Key Woman products are the “Pregnancy Management” loan, in case of pregnancy of the holder, and the “Serious Illness” loan, in case of illness of the holder, her spouse, or her children. In both cases, the loans finance the hiring and training of replacement staff to ensure the continuation of the activities.

The Key Woman product line targets sole proprietor companies, partnerships, and joint stock companies (also newly incorporated) whose principal, partner, or legal representative is a woman. It is preferable that these entities are registered in the small businesses registry.

Applying for these loans is fast and simple: businesswomen associated with Confartigianato Donne Impresa, CNA Impresa Donna, and Casartigiani can submit their application at Artigiancassa Point counters active at the offices of small businesses Associations and Credit Guarantee Consortia (about 500 throughout Italy.)The system guarantees a firm answer within 10 business days following the application.

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