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October 15, 2014 -

“Ace Manager 2015”: 7th round of the BNP Paribas international online game for university students

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acemanager 3BNP Paribas is inviting entries for its “Ace Manager 2015” online game, which is aimed at raising its profile at universities throughout the world, for the seventh year running.This international game, which is based on case studies in the banking sector, is open to all students under 26 in higher education (Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree level).

Exceptionally, BNP Paribas is opening this 7th round to all audiences this year.
Everyone can take part, but only students under 26 who put together a team of three people (all under 26) will be eligible for inclusion in the global ranking.The final round and awards will remain reserved for students, although everyone can take part in this venture.BNP Paribas is offering everyone the opportunity to find out about the real economy, to step into a banker’s shoes, and throw themselves into a business venture, includingyoung professionals, pensioners, and business leaders, etc.Everyone will be able to improve their business English, and take part in an extraordinary 3-D experience for almost 17 days!

What is new this year?

  • Two sessions will be opened in order to comply with the constraints of each region (Asia, Europe, and the Americas).Students will be able to take part in both sessions, and their best ranking will be retained for the final selection.
  • Following the two sessions, the 10 top-ranked teams will be selected to take part in the final round, which will take place in early July 2015.
  • In early 2015, a “Knowledge Centre” platform will be available at, where students will find the previous years’ case studies, which will enable them to gain a better understanding of the competition.Each case study will be presented with its detailed solution, and enhanced by additional teaching materials.
  • Students will also find quizzes on financial topics, and personal accounts from experts in the BNP Paribas Group, which will give them improved guidance on the Bank’s business lines.

“Ace Manager 2015” has been designed with BNP Paribas’ hands-on bankers, in order to increase the Bank’s attractiveness to young people throughout the world.BNP Paribas’ goal is to become one of students’ preferred employer brands throughout the world.A world-wide network of Ambassadors has been rolled out in order to promote the Business Game at universities and/or Higher Education Institutions.These ambassadors took part in the previous Ace Manager round.

The assignment
The game takes place in the fictional Universe-City, where an extraordinary discovery is about to set a series of unprecedented of events in motion…During the online stage of the game, the participating teams (which consist of three students) will be required to test their ability to perform various banking tasks via several “finance case studies” in which Marketing, Management and Business concepts will be addressed.Their assignment is tofind the best solution to support their clients develop their business!
To fulfil this assignment, students will have to meet many challenges relating to the Bank’s three business areas, i.e.retail banking, asset management, and corporate and investment banking.

The stages of the game
This international competition will take place in English. Two sessions will be open to students in order to address a greater number of financial topics.
Registrations must be entered on the dedicated website, at

Dates to bear in mind:
– 1st session:
Registration: 15 October 2014 -> 2 April 2015
Online game: 10 April 2015 -> 27 April 2015

– 2nd session:
Registration: 2 April 2015 -> 22 May 2015
Online game: 1 June 2015 -> 16 June 2015

-Final -> July 2015
– Awards ceremony -> mid-July 2015

Sessions 1 and 2 will be combined, and the top 10 world-wide teams will be selected in a final event scheduled for early July 2015. At that point, candidates will be required to meet an ultimate challenge, and will be assessed by a panel of experts consisting of emeritus professors from the participating higher education institutions, and members of BNP Paribas’ management.

All the teams who reach the final will receive an award:
– the winning team will receive €6,000 and a trip to Paris;
– the second-placed team will receive €3,000;
– the third-placed team will receive €1,500;
All the finalists will also receive tickets to a tennis event.

The previous Ace Manager round attracted almost 22,000 students from 145 countries and five continents.Over one million students from around the world enter into contact with the BNP Paribas brand during every round of the competition.Moreover, the Ace Manager website has attracted over 400,000 visitors in total, while the Facebook community now has around 36,000 fans.

Over 70% of BNP Paribas’ employees are outside France. The Group hires people from very diverse backgrounds, and offers an array of over 300 different jobs throughout the world.

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