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June 7, 2018 -

BNP Paribas Cardif: innovation starts with teenagers

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Having already devoted its attention to Millennials and the Over-65s, BNP Paribas Cardif, one of Italy’s top ten insurance companies, has decided it’s now the turn of teenagers: young people soon to become adults and face academic challenges like choosing what to study at university. Which way to go? Tech is definitely one of the most popular subject areas among these digital natives: after all, they’ve grown up taking social media, virtual reality, robot, artificial intelligence, tablets and smartphones for granted. So the insurer has made available six study bursaries for deserving students who want to go into some technological and digital subjects more thoroughly by attending TechCamp@POLIMI. The training course, organized by Fondazione Politecnico in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, aims to give young people in the last but one and last but two years of high school a closer look at some of the most important topics that are making the news in the world of tech, such as programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Led by staff from the Politecnico di Milano, the students will get hands-on experience of the hottest topics in technology: “Programming: languages to cut a path through ideas“ and “Robots: enemies, or friends to be tamed?“. They will be working with other students in teams; they’ll be able to take part in various design activities ranging from writing an app to controlling real robots or drones; and they’ll also be learning to identify and solve real-world problems, to operate in an academic environment and to measure themselves against global challenges as part of a team. This course will help them in their choice of university, a fundamental aspect that will have an influence on their whole careers.

Following up to the success of Open-F@b Call4Ideas, the international contest addressed to start-ups that will soon be launched as fifth edition, BNP Paribas Cardif in Italy confirms then its great attention to innovation and to young talents as a key asset to develop a new concept of insurance.

The courses each last one week and run between 11th and 22nd June at the Polytechnic’s Citta Studi campus, so as to give the students some direct contact with university life.

Further details on TechCamp@POLIMI can be found at Fondation Politechnico website


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