BNP Paribas Italy Corporates & Institutions

Thanks to the customer-oriented approach, which has always characterized our company, for over 50 years Ifitalia is the strategic partner of Large Enterprises, Small and Medium businesses and the Public Administration.


A partnership approach

  • Ifitalia is the first factoring company established in Italy. Founded in 1963 by BNL, since 2006 is part of BNP Paribas Group.
  • Ifitalia represents an important partner for commercial enterprises, offering tailor-made solutions for the major Italian and international corporates, with a very strong positioning in manufacturing, services, industries and in the public sector.
  • The commercial network consists in Units which are distributed throughout Italy, whose organization duplicates the one of the Bank.
  • Its strengths are planning and definition of solutions adapted to individual companies’ needs.
  • Thanks to the international distribution of BNP Paribas Factoring Group, Ifitalia is present in 17 countries throughout Europe and the world.

Our products

Active member of the international network FCI, Ifitalia offers a wide products range, including:

  • Traditional Factoring
  • Import Factoring
  • Export Factoring
  • Multi-Local
  • Pan-European
  • Reverse Factoring

Our services

  • Advanced payment of commercial credits
  • Non-recourse guarantee on credit risk
  • Credit collection and management

The above services can be delivered separately or jointly.


  • A high quality service thanks to a consolidated experience and a proven know-how.
  • Easy credit management.
  • High contractual flexibility.

E- Factoring
Mediana is the internet platform of IFITALIA, used to date by almost 2000 customers. Accessible from website, tablet and smartphone.

See Mediana video on YouTube

BNP Paribas, Factoring European Leader

With a total turnover steadily increasing over recent years, BNP Paribas Factoring market share reaches 9% in Europe, biggest factoring market worldwide.

International and Cross-Border Factoring Solutions

Thanks to our wide international presence and privileged partnership with FCI (Facilitating Open Account – Trade Finance), we can offer premium cross-border and international factoring solutions.

  • Cross-border approaches (Multi-Local and Pan-European) with the co-operation between our factoring entities in different countries.
  • International factoring (aka. import / export factoring) via FCI network and members (correspondents).