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Financing and loan facilities for artisans and SME’s

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Since 1952 Artigiancassa has performed the role of a development bank, with the specific function of meeting the economic and social needs of local small business communities.

Public incentives management

Artigiancassa manages public funds that allow artisans and SMEs to access bank credit at a reduced rate of interest. Artigiancassa has become the benchmark provider in this particular sector.

Distribution of products and services

Artigiancassa is known for its expertise and customer focus, and for its capacity for innovation and for understanding and implementing shared goals. In line with market trends, as well as to facilitate access to financing and to effectively manage public incentive funds, Artigiancassa now distributes the entire range of financial products and services of the companies in the Group (loans, current accounts, credit cards, mortgages, leasing and rental facilities, and POS solutions) designed to help artisans and small business owners achieve their objectives both at home and at work.

In synergy with local craft and small business associations, Artigiancassa supports the growth of enterprises right across the country through proactive relationship management that sees a local presence as being the cornerstone of economic development.

Key strengths and benefits:

Artigiancassa offers:

  • a new and wide range of financial products and services specifically designed for artisanal businesses, which are both simple and tailored to the needs of the customer;
  • a high standard of service, thanks to rapid and reliable response times;
  • innovative processes, supported by cutting-edge IT solutions;
  • a strong local presence, assuring access directly to the offices of key artisanal associations and credit guarantee consortia;
  • expertise and knowledge of the needs and specific characteristics of the various types of small business
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