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Ifitalia specialises in providing factoring products for companies in all sectors. The BNP Paribas Group company buys trade receivables from businesses, providing them with financial and administrative services and guaranteeing the solvency of their debtors.

An illustrious past and present

Ifitalia is the first factoring company to have been established in Italy, with a history that spans nearly 50 years. With the volume of traded receivables reaching EUR 24 billion in 2010, Ifitalia ranks second in the Italian factoring market and sets a benchmark in terms of service quality and product innovation.

A partnership approach

Ifitalia has always taken a partnership approach to its relationships with clients – an approach it applies from the very first contact, and to identifying the best financial and operational solution, and one that continues right through the relationship. Ifitalia offers the following personalised services:

  • management of trade receivables (verification, maturity monitoring, dunning and collection services, recovery procedures);
  • monetization of receivables;
  • guaranteeing the collection of receivables (non-recourse factoring), in line with European and international accounting principles.

An international presence

Participation in the BNP Paribas Group allows Ifitalia to offer a wide range of international factoring services to export and import companies:

  • through the network of companies in the Group, present in the major European countries;
  • through correspondents in the two global factoring chains that Ifitalia belongs to (Factors Chain International and International Factors Group);
  • directly, by assuming the management of trade relationships.