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BNL Finance, a 100% BNL Group BNP Paribas company, specialises in the provision of personal loans that fall under the category of salary loans (pension-backed loans, salary-backed loans and delegazioni di pagamento (loans to employees which, unlike cessione del quinto, may exceed one fifth of salary).

An impressive result in only a few years

BNL Finance S.p.A. is a wholly owned BNL Group BNP Paribas company, specialising in salary loans, pension-backed loans and delegazioni di pagamento. Founded in 1991 as a factoring company, it launched its retail financing business in 2006, and is today one of the major players in the sector, with 40 employees and 73 financial agents active throughout Italy.

Innovation, flexibility and synergy

BNL Finance develops and provides commercial distribution of financing products across the entire country through BNL branches and the agency network of BNL Finance.
Close distribution synergies with BNL throughout Italy have enabled important business opportunities to be developed and new and attractive products to be made available in response to the needs of consumers and households.

Professionalism, advice and an unrivalled product offering

  • provides advice on credit for households, assuring transparency and professionalism;
  • grants financing, guaranteeing the best offer on the market and meeting the needs of various target segments;
  • establishes commercial partnerships with public authorities and private companies, offering them an extensive range of products;
  • develops commercial and operational procedures that are both up to date and effective.

A top player in the pensions sector

BNL Finance is ranked 6th overall in the Italian secured loans market, and in particular, is a top player in the pensions sector.

Over the course of the last 5 years, it has granted a total of nearly EUR 1 billion in loans.

Approximately 60,000 customers over the past 5 years have chosen to use the services of BNL Finance, including both households and individual customers.

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