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April 12, 2012 -

Findomestic launches the personal loan “ComeVoglio” (As I want)

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Findomestic is pursuing its innovation strategy for its customers by launching the personal loan “ComeVoglio” (as I want).

Since April 2nd on media, this new kind of personal loan offers for the first time to Italian consumers a total flexibility on their credit management, in order to adapt it to their budget evolutions.

It allows them to modify their monthly installment:
– Each month if they wish
– Without costs
– And simply on Internet by telephone or SMS.

Monthly installment postponement and early repayment are also additional options included in the offer.

“ComeVoglio” broadens Findomestic range of products defined in a responsible lending approach and represents for the brand one special media highlights of the year, with TV, press and Internet.

Find the whole product information on the dedicated landing page

Watch the TV spot on YouTube Findomestic channel wearing the theme of the campaign.

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