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January 11, 2017 -

BNP Paribas reaffirms its social commitment on a European scale with the signing of an agreement on the prevention of work-related stress

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BNP Paribas signed an agreement on the prevention of work-related stress with two European federations, the FECEC* and UNI Europa**, and a delegation of its European Committee officer members.

Against profound changes in the banking environment, this agreement is a clear reminder that the prevention of work-related stress is a key issue that contributes to better health and safety for employees at work, as well as to greater efficiency.

In particular, based on a shared description of work-related stress and factors contributing to it, the agreement recalls and/or specifies the means to be implemented for such prevention or corrective measures that must be taken, including the following:

–          rolling out information campaigns and awareness-raising actions relating to employee stress;

–          setting up stress assessment mechanisms whenever possible;

–          integrating a specific component on stress prevention in management training programmes;

–          taking into account – through dedicated support measures and with employees concerned – the consequences of projects involving major organisational changes on working conditions and risk prevention

–          focusing on the use of new information and communication technologies that should be part of the work/life balance and the right to privacy;

–          communicating the actions to be carried out regarding workload and workplace support.

This agreement illustrates BNP Paribas Group’s European dimension, the importance granted to stress prevention and the priority given to social dialogue.

It represents the third part of a European Social Charter that follows an initial European agreement on employment Management (10 July 2012) and a second agreement on professional equality (16 September 2014).

This agreement confirms BNP Paribas Group’s commitment to stress prevention and the priority given to social dialogue.

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* FECEC: Fédération Européenne des Cadres des Etablissements de Crédit (The European federation of managers of lending institutions)

** UNI Europa: Union Network International – Europa