BNP Paribas Italy News & Press Release
April 7, 2017 -

BNL BNP Paribas Group is main partner of Educational Day which will take place Sunday, April 9 in 22 museums

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locandina-Il-Buon-ViaggionuovaBNL BNP Paribas Group is Main Partner of the third edition of ‘Educational Day which will take place Sunday, April 9 in 22 AMACI museums present throughout Italy. The initiative aims to draw families to the museums and to contemporary art. This day will offer free activities organized by the Educational Departments of the AMACI museum members and promoted by the Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums.

The project “Isole Fantastiche” was created by the artist Matteo Rubbi and will be the focal point of Educational Day. The “Isole Fantastiche” develops in two different phases that are connected to one another; the first phase conducted during the “Festival della Cultura Creativa” – an event promoted by ABI from April 3 to 7 involving workshops organized by BNL for nearly 2,000 children in 12 Italian cities – the kids engaged in the creation of their own personal island, determining the shape, size, name, vegetation, fauna, geology and location . Each workshop therefore, produces a unique group of islands which then lead to the creation of a new “world map” which will be available to the public during Educational Day.

The second phase tFestival-Cultura-creativa-5akes place on Sunday April 9th when the children and their families will be invited to build and shape the islands invented by the students during the workshops of Festival della Cultura Creativa, through the use of play doh- clay. Adults and children will be active participants in interpreting and creating the islands together in a day of culture and creativity. (In the image a drawing by an elementary school student from the previous edition)