BNP Paribas Italy Corporates & Institutions

BNP Paribas Real Estate is leader in the commercial real estate market. We are present in 36 countries, mainly in Europe but also in the Pan-European market, with a deep knowledge of the specific characteristics of each market in order to tailor our approach and our services.

Dedicated real estate services

BNP Paribas Real Estate Italy is a real estate service company that offers its customers a complete range of services covering all the needs of those working in the real estate sector.

We offer expertise and assist clients in the private and public sector with a complete and tailor-made service to meet the specific needs of the client. We assist national and international investors in the completion of property development and construction operations.

Investment products

We design and manage real estate investment vehicles for our customers. Our experience in the establishment and management of funds ranging from savings or contribution, diversified or specialised, closed or semi-open funds, and in the development or management of existing portfolios, whether public or private, allows us to address a variety of projects: funds to be placed on the retail market, funds for institutional investors, public and dedicated funds.

Real estate consulting

We offer a full range of real estate consulting services for institutional and private investors, as well as for businesses. We assist the client in real estate marketing whilst delivering personalised services at local level. We provide national and international valuations for all types of properties that analyze the quality of the property, the value of similar properties and current and future investment trends for each market.

And we make sure that the real estate strategies are aligned with those of the client’s business in order to maximise the value of its real estate assets, reduce costs and foster the creation of a competitive edge. Finally, with a view to maximising profitability, our teams manage all activities ranging from taking charge of the assets, administration, technical and maintenance management and legal services right through to divestment.

BNP Paribas Real Estate is a real estate operator that embodies an in-depth knowledge of all areas of the real estate world and is able to provide comprehensive assistance to its customers, be they businesses or individuals, public bodies or institutional investors. The company’s business lines are:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Investment Management
  • Transactions (Sales & Letting)
  • Consulting
  • Valuations
  • Property Management

Last update March 2018