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Vehicule management services

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A market leader in the long-term car leasing and company fleet management market, Arval is part of the BNP Paribas Group within the Retail Banking Division.

Long-term rental

In Italy Arval offers long-term leases to small and medium-sized businesses, professionals and those registered for VAT. Long-term leasing is above all a lifestyle: A simple fixed monthly fee, without the burden of having to manage the vehicles (road tax, insurance, servicing, resale of used vehicles), which remains the responsibility of the leasing company.

In Italy since 1995

Arval Italy was founded in Florence in 1995. From the very beginning it was marked by rapid growth, which in just 16 years has brought it to a position today where it handles roughly one quarter of the market, with 135,000 vehicles nationwide.

Since 2003 Arval has been organised internally to offer long-term leasing also to small and medium-sized businesses and those registered for VAT. Today Arval’s SME Solutions division, dedicated to this type of customer, boasts a fleet of 19,000 vehicles and a staff of more than 80.

A “different” mobility model

Adapting the product and the long-term leasing arrangements to match mobility needs that are different from those of large companies – this is the primary objective of  Arval’s SME Solutions division.

A simple proposition, easy to apply in practice and, perhaps above all, affordable and tax-efficient.

Arval worldwide

A specialist in long-term multi-brand leasing, Arval is aimed at large companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and professionals, through customised mobility solutions aimed at optimising the mobility of client company employees while assuming the risks associated with fleet management.

Arval is the leading player in long-term leasing in Europe.

Its mission is to enable its customers to benefit from its considerable experience and expertise in leasing and fleet management. Excellence in service quality is one of Arval’s strategic objectives, and lies at the very heart of its operations.

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